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Removable prosthetics

Clinic “DIODI” in Ivano-Frankivsk city offers you full or partial removable dentures of a modern design.

  1. Bugel prostheses are one of the best among removable dentures. Their high-tech design consists of a light metal arc, made of titanium alloy, and a plastic base with artificial teeth, fixed on it. The lock fastening makes them almost invisible and more attractive in aesthetic aspect, because metal locks are hidden behind teeth and are not seen from the outside. Such a prosthesis has a rigid fastener that provides complete immobility and evenly distributes the chewing load. The lock securely fixes the prosthesis in the oral cavity, meanwhile allowing to easily remove it if necessary.
  2. Prostheses with elastic frame and elastic clammers. Made of thin elastic material that exactly coincides with the color of the gums. When installed, they are transformed in the oral cavity under the influence of temperature and repeat the contours of the mucous membrane of oral cavity. They do not contain metal elements. They have elastic clammers that do not need crowns to cover the supporting teeth. Removable dentures with an elastic frame are fixed in the mouth due to their special properties.