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Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Endodontics is a section of therapeutic dentistry that studies treatment of tooth canals and its tissues. Such treatment is needed when there are caries complications (pulpitis, periodontitis), also after teeth injuries and sometimes when preparing for prosthetics. Endodontics in dentistry has a separate group of indications - it is re-treatment of teeth with canals, which were previously cured unsuccessfully.

The purpose of practical endodontics is to prevent the development or eliminate the existing foci of inflammation of periodontal tissues and dental nerve, which is one of the most common causes of tooth loss. After they are removed, the dental cavity is thoroughly cleaned and treated, then filled. Anesthesia ensures painless treatment.

Practical endodontics requires a correct diagnosis and clear understanding of treatment tasks from the dentist. Therefore, all our doctors work and solve the problems of patients together, which allows to conduct an effective treatment.

It should be noted that regular visits to the dentist at least once in half a year will let you avoid incurable caries, inflammation of vessels and nerves inside the tooth. Endodontics is needed exactly in case of these diseases. So take care of your teeth in advance and visit a dentist in time!