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Clinic "DIODI" in Ivano-Frankivsk city offers you implantology services or implantation of teeth. Our doctors have the most up-to-date equipment and materials, guaranteeing the best treatment results. Your implant will be strong and durable, and what is most importantly, it will not differ from the rest of teeth.

Dental implantation is the most promising, topical and demanded trend in modern dentistry and prosthetics. This technology of feeding the rod into the bone tissue (with subsequent installation of crowns) has been successfully practiced for several decades already. Implantation of an implant into the place of the missing tooth without straightening the adjacent healthy teeth (as in case of bridge implants) is one of the main advantages of this method.

We carry out implantation in two ways: classical and one-step. In the first case, the procedure is carried out after the gum has already healed after the tooth removal. And the second solution allows you to fix the implant right after surgery. In each case, a decision is taken collectively together with the patient.

The level of professionalism of our doctors and their experience are confirmed not only by the corresponding certificates and diplomas. The number of grateful patients has already reached that level, when we are advised and our experts are recommended by the public. Therefore, we confidently give you a guarantee for our work and implants chosen.