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Aesthetic restoration

Aesthetic restoration is an anatomically correct restoration of teeth with preservation of all their aesthetic and functional properties. All measures of this section of dentistry are aimed at making your smile beautiful and attractive. Even white teeth have been always a sign of success and self-confidence. But each of us has his own peculiarities and unique natural traits, so our doctors don’t work by the "Hollywood smile" pattern, they create your own individual image.

We use certain types of restoration to modify and improve the shape of teeth, to reduce gaps between teeth, to improve color and whiten teeth, to restore damaged crown parts of teeth, achieve transparency and remove stains, damages etc. from the surface of teeth enamel.

We achieve a perfect result in the combination of beauty and strength of your teeth thanks to modern restorative materials and equipment, as well as thanks to golden hands of doctors. Each time you’ll come to clinic “DIODI”, you will feel safe in our dental chair, and afterwards you’ll feel at ease in the social and psychological aspects. No wonder – because a nice-looking smile is the image of any successful person!