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Professional hygiene of oral cavity

Professional hygiene of oral cavity is a complex of measures, aimed at removing dental deposits (dental stone and plaque), polishing and re-mineralization of teeth. This is a necessary procedure, which is carried out regularly by all patients of the dental clinic. DIODI offers you professional oral hygiene, fulfilled with ultrasound apparatus and using the AIR FLOW cleaning method.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is one of the most up-to-date and safe methods of professional teeth cleaning. With the help of professionally selected ultrasound frequency, one can remove any dental stones and plaque from the surface without discomfort and damage to the enamel. It is recommended to prevent formation of a dental stone and plaque.  

AIR FLOW cleansing is used to remove pigmentation and soft plaque from the surface of teeth. It works in the following way: plaque is removed by a jet, consisting of mixture of sodium bicarbonate (soda)-based powder, water and compressed air. As a result of this treatment, plaque and surface pigmentation are removed even in hard-to-reach areas. This procedure is quick and painless.

Professional teeth cleaning is our job and a guarantee of your health!