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Non-removable prosthetics

Clinic “DIODI” in Ivano-Frankivsk city offers the following types of non-removable prostheses:

  1. Metal-ceramic crowns. They have become the most popular prostheses of today owing to good combination of durability and long service in the mouth. Besides, their good aesthetic look is not the last factor. Multi-purpose and reliable metal-ceramic crowns are useful in many cases of prosthetics: construction of bridges, restoration of teeth after injuries and complications of caries.
  1. Ceramic zirconium oxide-based crowns are one of the most advanced methods of prosthetics, famous not only for their wonderful aesthetic data, but also for high precision of execution, a longer period of service, excellent compatibility with tooth tissues and enormous strength.
  1. Dental veneers and lumineers are the most modern, safe and effective solution for teeth whitening and restoration. With the help of veneers and luminaries, it is possible to solve several aesthetic problems at the same time, because they are a kind of shield that can conceal various teeth defects.

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