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Surgical dentistry is one of the most important directions in the work of doctors-dentists. In our clinic “DIODI” in Ivano-Frankivsk city, you will be offered a painless surgical intervention with effective anesthetic methods and under the control of anti-AIDS and anti-hepatitis systems.

Unfortunately, prophylaxis does not always help in case of dental diseases, then surgery comes to help, it lets solve dental problems by a more radical method. Such operations, as simple and atypical removal of teeth, removal of tumors in the oral cavity, implantation of teeth and gum surgery, are carried out at our clinic by highly experienced dentists.

Since leaving a tooth in the mouth is practically the most important task of any dentist, the decision to remove it is taken only after a thorough well-grounded diagnosis is set and consultations with related specialists are held. We treat every tooth in such a way, as if it were the last one, so we are fighting for its preservation to the last.

Our doctors have high qualifications and do their best to make the operation painless and with the fastest healing period. When we remove a tooth, we guarantee that in all cases this procedure will be performed using the most up-to-date, most effective surgical techniques.