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Filling of all types of caries

Clinic "DIODI" offers you filling of all types of caries. The main thing in caries treatment is  timely visit to a doctor, in case of the slightest discomfort and pain you should take care of your teeth! It is the delay that can lead to complications and accelerate the process of tooth decay, then inflammation can shift to other tissues. Therefore, if you want your teeth to be always healthy and the smile attractive, you must follow the rules of hygiene, regularly go to dentist for preventive examinations and timely cure tooth decay.

Modern technologies of our clinic allow to effectively and painlessly solve any problems and fill all types of caries at the highest level. We know for sure - there are no hopeless cases, every tooth can be saved and functionally restored, so you can be relieved of pain and discomfort.

Our doctors perform filling of teeth, using only individually selected modern filling materials: photopolymers, glass ionomers and organically modified ceramics (ormocers in brief). They not only help restore the functionality of your teeth, but also recreate the natural appearance of damaged areas. This is a very important aspect of your perfect smile!